Start (pictured) and finish at Eva Beach on the Tennessee River (Camden). The course follows Pilot Knob Road (Hwy 191) to Nathan Bedford Forrest State Historic Area. New course in 2021, which eliminated the steep hill to the top. After 2.5 miles of mostly flat road, turn left on Happy Hollow Road a quarter mile to a turnaround by the Campground. Back on the highway, a quarter mile to a loop at the foothill. Straight back to finish in the picnic area.

GPS 36.05989 -87.99933

Course History

The inaugural race was in 2006. Pilot Knob is the highest point in Tennessee, west of the Tennessee River. Designed by Mike Bell, Camden. He was the Race Director from 2006 to 2019. The steepness of the Knob is rivaled only by that of Mount Wood of the Cotton Row 10K course in Huntsville, AL. See elevation profile. Since 2018 Lisa Bell has been the race director. The 2020 race had no awards and no aid stations due to COVID-19. The elimination of the steep hill in 2021 was enthusiasticly greeted by the runners. The proceeds goes to Friends of the Park, who provide food and drinks at the finish.