Race on the Trace

Start on Pin Oak Lodge Road at the intersection of Pin Oak Lake Road, going to a turnaround right before Mays Chapel Road (1 mile). Return past the start to a one-mile loop at 2.5 miles. Back at the starting line at 4.5 miles, turn right, a steep downhill to the finish at the Lodge and Restaurant. Considered a moderately varying course with a fast last mile.

Course History

First race was held in 1985 with Dave Montoya as Race Director, a post he held for 32 years. The course was designed by David Thomas, Jackson Road Runners. In 2004 the park was officially closed but opened anyway for races by volunteer rangers and staff. In 2013 the 1992 female course record of Shannon Reade (30:32) was finally broken by Kirsten Sass. Since 2017 Danny Crossett has been the race director. In 2020, Kiera set a new course record, bettering Kirsten’s record by 43 seconds.

Course Record

In 2006 Michael Eaton 18 from Louisville KY 25:18. In 2020 Kiera Woodman 23 from Clarksville. 29:21.